Frequently asked questions


What do I need to do as a driver?

Ensure your Shebah Driver app is updated to the latest version and follow the instructions above to install the correct language navigation pack.

Will this affect riders?

The Shebah rider app will also utilise HERE maps and all the exciting new features but they will not experience any significant changes when booking a trip.

Will this affect the functionality of the driver app?

There are a few ways HERE maps will improve your experience as a driver, the most prominent being that you can now swipe one, swipe off and navigate from within the Shebah Driver app.

What happens if I change routes?

If you change your route on a trip for any reason, HERE Maps will re-route your trip so you are still on the way. Within the settings in the driver app there is also an option to switch tolls and tunnels on and off depending on the preference of the rider and the driver in each trip.

How accurate is the speed limit notification feature in HERE Maps?

HERE Maps has a built in feature that alerts drivers to their speed if they are over the limit. Majority of the time, this is an accurate feature. However, neither Shebah or HERE Maps is liable for the consequences associated with drivers speeding. HERE Maps speeding accuracy also works via the internet connection and location services within each device. If those are switched off, speeding accuracy becomes limited. HERE Maps speeding accuracy may also not be up to date with sudden changes in speed limits such as temporary road work speeds.

Pleasae ensure you rely on your car speedometer for an accurate reading of your speed.

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